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Easy to use – for both the tenant and the building manager

Once logged in the user is able to set simple one off schedules or complex repeating schedules as required. For instance a user may set a schedule to repeat every Monday or, if desired, the 1st of every month. Schedules may occur once or can be set to be repeating for up to 2 years.

The Aura system is a simple to use internet based scheduling system that allows multiple users to access their tenancies via unique logins and set schedules for after hours air conditioning.

Easy on the budget

With a low up front fee and low ongoing monthly payments Aura has a very short ROI. Contact us today to find out how much it would cost to install Aura into your new or old building.

Easy to install – Aura can be installed in both new and older buildings

Usually Aura can be fully installed into a building with a BMS in less than one day. We pre-program the controller so it’s ready to go!

Easy on the planet

Allowing your tenants to make sure the AC is turned off when not required after hours can save a huge amount of power and in turn help reduce greenhouse emissions. Give the power and control to your tenants.