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Aura offers a full set of tools for making the life of the Property Manager more efficient:

  • Set up building default preferences
  • Can override building default preferences for individual tenants for the following: billing hourly rate, scheduling mode, report visibility, min or max run-time, who receives notification of schedules via email
  • Minimise disputes – All schedules are logged with date, username, activation time and duration.
  • View entire building usage or usage per tenant
  • Brand invoices with your company logo and details
  • Print invoices, export usage data or modify tenants details without having to visit the premises
  • No need for the property manager to get involved in setting after-hours air conditioning on behalf of tenants
  • Set public holidays – automatically adjusts for daylight savings
  • Give Building Security their own level of login to set schedules on behalf of tenants if necessary

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