Why Aura should be installed in your building

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Online and easy to use After Hours Air Conditioning Scheduling

The Tenant Advantage

  • Easily set after-hours air conditioning schedules via the internet
  • Set repeat schedules for those busy periods or late meetings.
  • Turn off the air conditioning when you leave (after hours) saving the planet and saving you money.
  • Review schedules set by other staff members
  • Manage users within your tenancy (add, edit, delete)

The Property Professional Advantage

  • Standardise your user interface across your portfolio no matter what the BMS
  • Empower your tenants to control their own after hours airconditioning
  • Aura can interface with nearly all BMCS
  • Minimise disputes – All schedules are logged with date, username, activation time and duration
  • Print invoices, export usage data or modify tenants details all via the internet
  • Can be “retro-fitted” to buildings without a BMS
  • Gives older buildings a technology upgrade!
  • Improve your NABERS rating with NABERS compliant data
  • If you have more than one building using Aura you can access each of your buildings data from one login!
  • Option to operate normal hours air conditioning by using the permanent scheduling feature as an integrated time clock – (supported only in some situtations)
  • Schedule daylight savings changes and public holidays automatically!
  • No need to ever update the software (that’s our job and we do it as part of the package)